The shrinking Colorado River is becoming an urgent water crisis for millions of people in the West. “

Left: People swim at a pool surrounded by palm trees in Las Vegas. Right: Exposed white rock in Lake Mead leading into the Hoover Dam shows where the water levels have dropped to 33% capacity. credit: Caitlin Ochs for BuzzFeed News

The above is one of the major reasons reliance on imports is dangerous. It is the reason why the current DA administration is irresponsible and dangerous.

Please note that 70% of the Rio Colorado is used for irrigating crops in the Western States and Northern Mexico. The crops are mostly corn, soya, wheat, and rice. Water as a resource is something that cannot be solved by US government subsidies.

As a livestock organization, our members should continue to grow their flock in the most efficient way possible, shortest possible time with least amount of inputs.

To read more on the looming water crisis in the US click this link.

August 4, 2021